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Biomechanics is the study of the structure and function of the foot and lower limb. Many foot and leg pains are the result of abnormalities in the structure and alignment of the bones in the feet and legs, which, results in abnormal functioning of the muscles and joints.


This poor functioning of the lower limb leads to overuse injuries such as muscles strains and tears, ligament sprains, tendonitis and joint 'wear and tear'. There can also be a loss of natural shock absorption in the legs and feet which can result in stress fractures, lower back pains and neck pains.

Here at the clinic a biomechanical assessment consists of various joint and muscle tests and measurements. An analysis of your gait (walking) is also performed. We can also provide video gait and running analysis. This involves walking and/or running on a treadmill in the surgery. The recording can then be slowed down to further assist us in diagnosing how your feet function dynamically.


The results give us a whole picture of the way in which your feet and legs are moving and how mechanical stresses impact on each part of your foot or leg. We are then able to treat the pains by counteracting these stresses using a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises and /or with orthoses (see orthoses page).

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